Jasmine Easter Bunny CareFlash

Game Description:

Jasmine is in seventh heaven. For, Easter is approaching very close by. All the members in the family are ready celebrate the day of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ in a grand manner. As usual the mass will commence at twelve o'clock. Everyone at home is ready for the grand celebration except the pet of Jasmine. Help the kid to make the pet get ready for the mass. Cut the nails and then give a shower to the pet. Apply soap and shampoo to have a pleasant fragrance. In the process, if the bunny asks for toys or vegetables, please do hand them over to him. After the bath adorn the pet with pretty good-looking dress. Wear him a cap which will add more beauty to the pet. If you wish, give him a gentle massage. We wish everyone happy Easter. Let the risen Lord ignite our sprits to walk towards eternity.


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