Game Description:

A story is told of a boy who has lonesome, who strayed a bit far from his home. As the daylight grew dimmer he saw a faint glimmer, lost in the wake of sea foam. For the boy had a feeling to offer his hand to a friend. The boy darted away but then turned to stay, afraid of the message he'd send. He lowered his head and the boy bustled up looking proud atop his new steed. For the boy had a venture: He was bound for adventure, and this monster had planted the seed. Looking up to the stars he thought to himself, imagine all of the people up there. Could they all be as lonely? Or am I one and only ? Would the people on earth really care? So our story unfolds. A boy and his pet leaving his home without care or regret. Truly a tale that none will forget. Explore the galaxy by swinging yourself from cloud to cloud into space. Grab clouds and asteroids with your monster's tongue and swing to start your ascent. Each planet has a puzzle, it's your job to find and solve that puzzle. Instructions : To move use A S D W keys on your keyboard. Jump with W, go forward with A, go back with D. mouse : AIM mouse click : shoot tongue mouse click release : release tongue Mouse click = Shoot out your grapple tongue to grab onto clouds, swing around to throw yourself into space, release the mouse to let go. Keep in mind with enough momentum you can swing all the way around.


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