The Funeral CorpseFlash

Game Description:

The Funeral Corpse is awesome action fighter game. Beat the hell out of hordes of attacking zombies in this arcade brawler game. You've to use half of your keyboard, so study the controls! Zombie born everywhere, bitter life living. In this zombie everywhere to walk world, you need to resist the waves of zombies invasion. Constantly improve their own strength, committed to the future zombie one one beheaded, master the manipulation skills with ability and characteristics of people will be formidable corpse shot back. Press “L” key to teleport, teleport can avoid the enemy’s attack. P1: W,A,S,D keys to move, J key attack / pickup, K key to jump, U key special skills, L key to teleport, I key Nirvana (filled with wrath), J+K key release body skills (deduct the value of life) P2: Arrow keys to move, 1 keys to attack / pickup, 2 key jump, 4 key special skills, 5 key skills (filled with wrath), 1+2 key release body skills (deduct the value of life), ESC bond suspended and continue the game


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