Release The MermaidFlash

Game Description:

Release The Mermaid is another new point and click room escape game from In this escape game a mermaid is trapped by an ocean ghost. The ghost is trapped the mermaid in deep of ocean. Mermaids have magical power in a pearl chain but she had lost that before trapping by ghost.She dont now where she lose the pearl .The ghost is too powerful so mermaid cant escape without her power get back . How she will be get back her power because she is trapped in the deep of Ocean. She Need someones help to get back her lost power from the outside of ocean.Will you help her for release from there? You have to search some clues and object then you can search the pearls. After getting all the pearls you have create a chain and give that chain to mermaid and return his power back for escape from the deep of ocean. Good Luck Have a fun. Use mouse to play this game.


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