Defense System ShowdownFlash

Game Description:

Welcome to the Earth Defense System test site.Here we will observe your defense system's capabilities.In order to be recognized as the most advanced defense system, we will need your cannon to be tested against the other cannons in a duel event. [Duel Mode] will take you to challenge ten different cannons one by one. [Survival Mode] will test your endurance to beat all ten cannons without break. [DualPlayer Mode] will challenge your defending skills against another humans. The objective is simple: Don't let any objects pass through and hit your cannon's main body, and make sure those objects hit your enemy cannon's main body. Every hit will decrease your armor points.Whoever lost all his armor points lost the battle. Controls: Up Arrow Key - Move Cannon Up Down Arrow Key - Move Cannon Down Left Arrow Key - Move Selection Left Right Arrow Key - Move Selection Right Z - Shoot X - Activate Powerup


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