Barbie in Christmas Room PreparationFlash

Game Description:

Barbie was surprised by the Christmas Card from Santa. It was written that Santa will visit her home by this evening. This is a Barbie dream house, she loves it very much. But it was messy because of the last night Princess party. She needs to clean and renovate it before Santa arrives. First, help her to collect and fix all the Christmas tree ornaments in their place. Then, help her to remove the stains on the wall and floor. Our princesses are playful, they played some games for girls and online games on but in a game, they broke a chair and cupboard in the room. Help Barbie to fix it. Oh, the fireplace is not ready, help her to collect all the sticks and light it to make the room warm. Now, showcase your skill on Christmas decorations. Give some fabulous colors to the wall, floor and chimney. By your living room ideas, the room looks better than before. It is the time for Santa. Santa arrived and surprised by the interior design, then, he presented a personalized gift to barbie. Do you know who has come in the costume of Santa? Guess it. Have a Happy Christmas.


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